A Guide to Buying a Carpet Cleaner

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A Guide to Buying a Carpet Cleaner

A carpeted room has a different feel compared to other types of flooring. It is soft and cozy, but it is also notoriously dirty if left to gather dirt and dust. No matter how careful you are with how you treat your carpet, it is bound to collect dust and you just can’t spill proof it.

This is why carpet cleaning is a lucrative business. There are tons of professional cleaners who are tasked with the job of making sure your carpets stay clean, fresh, and sanitary. The problem with professional cleaning services is that they are very expensive.

This is why people often wonder if investing in a home carpet cleaner is a wise decision. If they do decide on getting a carpet cleaner for their home, another important question bubbles up: what carpet cleaner to buy?

Since there are so many brands and models to choose from, it is easy to get confused and give up on the idea of buying one. Don’t worry, this guide will help you sort through those different carpet cleaners.

The Steam Function

A carpet cleaner with a steam function gives users a big advantage. One, steam is essentially very hot. This kills most of the bacteria that are commonly found carpet fibers. Steam will also kill off almost all of the dust mites that have made their home inside the carpet, greatly reducing allergies.

Another big advantage of having a steamer on your carpet cleaner: reduced drying time. This significantly reduces the chances of mold and mildew growing in your carpet.

Use of Chemicals

Homes with babies and pets that are usually in close proximity to the carpet are better off using cleaners that do not need chemicals to clean the carpet. If this cannot be avoided, look for a cleaner that is powerful enough to rinse all of the harmful chemicals away after it has been washed.

Another tip, go for eco-friendly detergent or carpet shampoo. These products are most likely healthier compared to those ridden with chemicals you cannot pronounce.


When it comes to determining what carpet cleaner to buy, you must consider how user-friendly the unit is. If it is complicated or comes with various attachments that you will end up throwing away, it will render the machine useless, and you’ve spent extra money unnecessarily.

Here are a few user-friendly factors to consider:

1. Weight

Most carpet cleaners are very heavy to lift, especially when the tanks are full with clean and dirty water. The initial weight of the machine will have a huge impact on how well you can maneuver and control it while cleaning the carpet. Consider how much weight you are comfortable with before deciding on what carpet cleaner to buy.

2. Tank Capacity

Carpet cleaning will involve a lot of tank filling, refilling, and emptying. The larger the tanks, the less you will do. So if you prefer to work continuously, go for cleaners with bigger tanks. However, take note that the larger the tank, the heavier the machine becomes. So again, consider the first factor along with this second one.

3. Accessories

As mentioned before having too many accessories can be a hassle, especially when it comes to storage. However, some attachments like a long power cord, a stair cleaner, and a long nozzle could make the entire carpet cleaning process easier for you. Go for a carpet cleaner with accessories you are most likely to use. If you think the attachments it comes with won’t be useful, choose another carpet cleaner instead.


There are many factors to consider when thinking about what carpet cleaner to buy. Although a unit will be tempting because of a low price, it might not work well for you.

Think of your needs and how much carpet space you are going to clean regularly. A small carpet cleaner may be cheaper, but it will not cover the same ground as a larger unit.

Finally, also think of the uses of a carpet cleaner. There are some models that can be used for more than just cleaning carpets. If you’re planning to do a complete cleaning of your house and you have a lot of room to cover, a multi-functioning cleaner may be a good investment for you.

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