Brands of Carpet Cleaners

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Brands of Carpet Cleaners

Do you have a carpet in your home? When was the last time you cleaned that carpet? For many of us, we haven’t cleaned our carpets in years.

We are not talking about just quickly vacuuming a carpet, as that usually gets done at least once a week, but more of a thorough carpet cleaning job. While vacuuming is so important for getting the dirt off the top layer of a carpet, there is a lot of dirt and grime that is trapped underneath in the most lower level of the carpet.

If not cleaned right away, this can build up, and a normal vacuum does not have the power to get that dirt out. Therefore, many people decide to get their carpets thoroughly cleaned.

Doing it yourself

While many people just hire someone to come in and clean their carpets, not many of us can afford this to be a regular expense. It does add up quite a lot and is not something that is extremely affordable. Many opt to purchase a carpet cleaner as it is a one-time buy that is going to last for multiple uses.

While some of the higher end professional carpet cleaners cost a great deal of money, there are also plenty of affordable options available that get the job done. What are some of the brands of carpet cleaners? What do they all have to offer?

The brands

Let’s go through each brand one by one and see what makes them special. Do they have something special to offer, and are they affordable? We have gathered three separate brands of carpet cleaners to look at.


This carpet cleaner brand list would not be complete without discussing the Hoover brand. They simply must be included as they were the first big company to start developing any type of vacuuming system. They are innovators, known for creating quality products that are going to last you a long time.

Once people became interested in carpet cleaners, they jumped on this opportunity, developing cleaners that were state of the art. Many of their carpet cleaners are enhanced with heating technology that allow them to really get all that deep dirt in the carpet.

When the dirt is heated up, it is easier to be removed; this is crucial to look for in a carpet cleaning system. Hoover is a fantastic brand for all things cleaning, and we highly recommend looking at their various products for both vacuuming and carpet cleaning.


The next brand of carpet cleaner is Bissell. This is another well-known brand that has sold millions of units worldwide. How did they get so big?

The main reason is that they simply make products that work at an affordable price. No one wants to spend a ton of money on cleaning products, and Bissell knows that.

The risk in buying a cheaper product is that it may break down on you, but all Bissell products that we have tested have worked great. What makes Bissell carpet cleaning products exceptionally good is that they are very concise and compact.

This allows easy movement around the house when using them. This makes them ideal for anyone purchasing a carpet cleaner and planning to use it on their own.

The Rug Doctor

While not as well-known as the other two brands, the Rug Doctor is known for creating fantastic carpet and spot cleaners on the market.

What they are known for is their great looks of their products. Their products are also known to be easy to use and compact, offered at an affordable price. Therefore, they have been included on this list today.


All three brands listed today are some of the best options when looking at purchasing a carpet cleaner. We strongly recommend that you look at all three and see which one is going to work the best for you.

While they all range in price and features, they manufacture great devices to thoroughly clean your carpet. You will notice a huge difference when you use one of their models.

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