Carpet Cleaner vs. Steamer

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Carpet Cleaner vs Steamer

Have you ever seen a carpet cleaning device after thoroughly cleaning a carpet? You would be disgusted! For many carpets, the water in the carpet cleaner is pitch black because of all the built-up dirt from a carpet that has been removed.

This is the hardest thing to realize when owning a carpet: knowing when it is dirty. Yes, on the outside layer you can see when a spill has been made and you can easily grab your vacuum and suck up the mess or do a little spot cleaning.

However, carpets are known to hold most of their dirt in the bottom most layer. This is where it builds up over time and can eventually lead to mold and unwanted bacteria, especially if it is a mess to do with food or drink.

Why even clean your carpet

The main reason to clean your carpet is that it can directly affect the physical health of the residents in the home, or employees in an office. The built-up bacteria and toxins in it can eventually make their way into our food and we can ingest them.

As well if you ever find your allergies acting up around a carpet, it is due to the amount of dust in the deepest layer that is causing you to react.

Carpets are a breeding ground for all types of bacteria if not thoroughly cleaned. If you have a young one at home, you already know they love crawling and walking on carpeted areas. It is crucial to keep them clean to ensure they remain healthy.

The various methods

There are so many ways to clean a carpet nowadays that it can be hard to know which method is going to be the best one for you. You can clean your carpet either wet or dry, depending on what you prefer and what type of clean you want.

The two major contenders right now are cleaning your carpet using a standard carpet cleaner (usually involving shampoo), or using a carpet steamer, which is growing in popularity. Which one bettergets the job done, and which is the way to go? We hope to answer a variety of the questions you may have.

Drying time

This is where most of the questions people who purchase carpet cleaners have. The main reason people tend to lean towards going the dry route is that they do not want to wait around for the carpet to dry.

Drying time can sometimes take a while, depending on the type of clean you are doing, and the type of carpet you are cleaning.

When it comes to carpet cleaner vs. steamer, are the drying times different? Not really. They both use water and are a deep-cleaning method, using water-based solutions.

These tend to take 12 to 24 hours to dry, depending on how deep your carpet is. If you are using a carpet cleaner in a dry form however,  there will hardly be any drying time.

How does a carpet cleaner with shampoo work?

There are many misconceptions about how these carpet cleaners even work. First off, many of these cleaners use a standard buffing machine that comes with a solution tank (to fill with water and the cleaning chemical) and a sort of vacuum/brush attachment.

When cleaning, the cleaner releases a bit of shampoo, as the brush spins at 175 RPM. This allows a much more thorough clean of the carpet. Afterwards, you vacuum the carpet.

How does steam cleaning work?

Steam cleaning uses a vacuum and a pump that is portable. The cleaner uses the hose itself and it is a smaller device when compared to a carpet cleaner. It comes with a “cleaning wand” that releases the cleaning solution, that is right away pulled back by the vacuum.

Which one is better?

It is hard to say right out which one is better between the two, as it honestly depends on what you are cleaning.

If you are looking for a more mobile option that you want to  move around, the steamer is the way to go. However, a carpet cleaner does provide the most thorough cleaning of a carpet, even though it takes time to dry.

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