Types of Carpet Cleaning

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Types of Carpet Cleaning

The main areas that get overlooked when cleaning are the carpeted areas around your house. People become so fixated on cleaning the kitchen and the bathroom, although both incredibly important, that they forget about cleaning the carpets in their own home. This is a common mistake as to the outside eye, for the most part; carpets tend to always look clean.

Yes, people commonly vacuum them, which is very important, but this usually leads to just the top layer being cleaned as the sucking power on a standard vacuum is not powerful enough to really get rid of the grit located at the deepest layer of the carpet.

Many carpets have a lot of dust and dirt built up at the lowest surface that simply gets caught and lays there, developing more and more bacteria.

This is one of the many reasons why carpet cleaning is crucial and why you need to figure out what cleaning procedure is the best for you.

Carpet cleaners

There are many types of carpet cleaners available on the market today, thousands to be in fact! It can be difficult to know which one is going to work the best for you and your needs. Today we are going to be looking at the various types of carpet cleaning.

This guide is going to help point you in the right direction of what style is going to work the best for you. This is going to influence your purchasing decision on a specific product and allow you to get cleaning faster once you buy one!

If you are a beginner and have never used one before, it is going to change the brands and the types of cleaning that you are going to want to look at.

The various types

Listed below are the various types of carpet cleaning and how they work. It is our hope that this guide helps you fully understand what a carpet cleaner can do for you.

Wet cleaning

This is the first way to clean your carpet. It is sometimes known in the carpet cleaning industry as extraction using hot water or steam cleaning. What happens is you first pre-condition the carpet using detergent that is specifically meant for the fibers of a carpet.

This is going to help loosen any dirt that has built up over the years. Then in the machine itself, water is heated nearing the boiling point and is then firmly injected right into the carpet.

After leaving the water and cleaning solution there for 10 to 15 minutes, a vacuum is used to get the chemical solution out of the carpet. This is one of the most common and effectively techniques.

Absorbent pad cleaning

This is also known as bonnet cleaning and does not do as in-depth a clean as wet cleaning would do. You must first vacuum the carpet, and then spray it with a chemical solution made for that carpet (either with a machine or a hand pump).

You leave the solution there to soak in. Then you grab your absorbent pad, that usually looks like a high-quality towel, and you place in on the bottom of the machine you are using. The machine then will spin the towel at 100 to 300 RPM; this impregnates the fibers of the carpet with the chemical and picks up dirt built up over the years.

Dry cleaning using an absorbent method

This is a dry method in case you do not want to wet your carpet. You simply used a powder instead of a chemical liquid formula, and spread it evenly on the carpet. Then, you use a carpet cleaning machine with no water, to get the brushes to rotate over the powder.

The powder will absorb into the carpet, and allow it to sit there for 10 to 15 minutes. Afterwards, you can easily clean it up.


No matter what you prefer, it is crucial that you take the steps necessary to start cleaning your carpet. This is an area that your family is going to come in close contact with, and where a lot of messes can happen, so it is crucial to keep it clean for health reasons.

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