Which carpet cleaning method is the best?

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Which carpet cleaning method is the best

Whether you own a business, an apartment, or your own house, we want you to answer this one question: When was the last time you did a thorough clean of your carpets? For many, the answer will be, “I don’t remember,” and that is because many carpets simply go uncleaned for too long.

Carpets are frequently vacuumed, which is fantastic for dirt just on the surface, but doing a thorough carpet clean is very rare when it comes to both industrial and residential cleaning. However, it is very important to keep up with the cleaning of your carpets.

Why clean your carpet?

At the deepest layer of the carpet is where most of the bacteria, dust, and dirt lie. This is where mold can begin to form and build up if not regularly cleaned.

On the surface, the carpet may look completely clean and is great to lay down on, but deep down, there may be something completely different going on. The main reason to clean your carpet is because it is something in the house that comes in close contact with your body.

Many of us have carpets in our bedrooms or in our television areas, that we occasionally will lie down on. This puts your face in extremely close contact with this deep-seated dirt that you do not want it to be close to. Therefore, it is crucial to clean your carpets.

If you own a commercial company, with employees, many areas of the office are usually carpeted and people track dirt in from the outside, and walk across these carpeted areas. While you may not notice any dirt right away, we assure you that if you were to clean them, the water would be BLACK!

That is how much dirt can build up over time. This can be detrimental to the physical health of the employees, due to toxins being released into the air. It can also be hard on anyone with allergies to dust.

Carpet cleaning methods

Now that you know why you need a carpet cleaner, it is time to brush up on various methods used when cleaning carpets. After going through them all, we will decide which one is the best method to use so you can get started right away.

Hot water extraction

This is also known as steaming during a carpet clean, and probably the most commonly one. The carpet cleaner uses high-pressured hot water to soak right into the fibers of the carpet to dissolve any of the built-up dirt. Dirt latches on to these fibers and no regular vacuuming can get to them.

First, you will apply a cleaning agent of some sort onto the carpet for it to soak in. After waiting a little bit of time, you can go through with hot water in the carpet cleaner and soak the carpet. Afterwards, you must rinse out the carpet, and also vacuum up the chemical solution.

Shampoo the carpet

This used to be a much more popular method, but it has gone down in recent years. The main reason for this, is there is a potential for the carpet to become sticky after cleaning. We do not recommend this one.


This is another common method which uses synthetic detergents that go into a powdered form when they dry. It uses less water and results in a shorter drying time. It loosens dirt particles easily and then can be vacuumed or brushed away once dried.

Dry carpet cleaning

This is the final one on our list, and is very popular because it does not require any drying time. You simply add a dry formula, such as a powder, and then use a carpet machine, without water; the rotating brushes open the fibers of the carpet, sucking up any of the dirt. It is easy and is a great way to clean a carpet.

The best one

While each of them have their strengths, we still believe a wet carpet clean is the best way to get the most thorough clean possible, even though you have to include drying time when using it. Carpet cleaners that use hot water or steam, and a detergent, are much better at loosening up dirt from the fibers of the carpet, allowing deep-seated dirt and grime to easily be removed.

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